Some moments from the Govenor General Literary Award held at Rideau hall, Ottawa Canada.

Some Moments from the GG Awards last night. Congrats to all the winners. A special mention to Writer Jon Arno Lawson and illustrator Sydney Smith of "Sidewalk Flowers". What a incredibly talented team they are- humble to boot! It was a honour being one of the jurors involved in children's Picture book selection process. Thank you Canada Council Of Art for giving me this opportunity. There was magic in the air as we all celebrated all these amazing Canadian Talents in Rideau Hall.


I was one of the Juror's to select "Sidewalk Flowers" written by JonArne Lawson and illustrated by Sydney Smith for the Governor General's Awards!

Talk about a priceless "Wordless Picture book". I was very honoured to have the opportunity look and read 126 amazing Picture books written and illustrators by Canadian talent. what a great to spend part of my summer. It was hard to decide to because it was generally excellent material and hence a lot of competition. We selected 20 of our top choices initially. Later we brought it down to 10, then 5 then finally down to the Finalist, when the other 2 juror's and myself met at the Canada Art Council in Ottawa, in late August. Somehow we all had roughly the same  view and the selection process wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The Finalist was " Sidewalk Flowers" written by JonArne Lawson and Illustrated by Sydney Smith. What a treasure this book is. It's a wordless Picture book. It's mostly monochromatic and gradually becomes brighter in palette as the story progresses. The style of art is nostalgic/ retro, just poignant and beautiful. The  touching story flows perfectly from frame to frame. The style of illustration is loose but descriptive. I love the way the illustrator captures the mood of the story creating a sense of drama through scale and perspective. As for the story-there is a very touching message, perhaps open to interpretation for the viewer. Thumbs up for this book. Again, proud to be part of the judging process and to be a part of a country so full of talent! I am excited about attending the Award Ceremony at Rideau Hall, Ottawa- hosted by the Governor General of Canada himself on December 2nd 2015!FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

New works of Fine Art

These are a some of my new images done for instagram over the past 10 days. These are pieces that I will have on display at The North Toronto Group Of Artists Show opening on Thursday November 12- Saturday November 14 at The Blessed Sacrement  Church on Yonge and Lawrence, Toronto IMG_3774 IMG_3825 IMG_3832 IMG_3835

Govenor General's Award For Children's Literature- Picture Book Category

I was one of the 3 juror's for The Govenor General's Award For Children's Book Literature, in the Picture Book Category. We had to read 126  picture books in total and selected the semi finalists and the finalist. It was a hard task as there was so much talent in both story telling and illustration. It was a true honour to be part of this selection committee. Thank you Canada Council For The Arts for giving me this amazing opportunity!  Click on the link to see the semi finalists:

Round up about Lilla Roger's Home Decor Course

  I am only about 5 weeks late to talk about this wonderful course, run by renowned artist's agent Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau, Art Director extraordinaire of CBK Midwest. Honestly it was the best online course I have ever done. I learnt so much. I also loved the classroom vibe, so open and supportive. The course was intense but exciting, and it was a total honour to be in the midst of such great talent. This course forced me to take some chances that I would normally not have taken. I explored areas of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that were previously "No Go" areas for me before, but now are part of my part of my tool box options. I have learnt the importance of mocking up designs on products and how to do so easily. It was challenging at times, but the end result was hugely satisfying. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to see their artwork on different giftware products.

Week i- Metal Week 2- Fabric, Week 3 Glass, Week 4 Ceramics and Week 5- Wood.







This is what I have been up to the last 3 weeks- Making Art that sells- Home Decor

A course run by two very talented, fabulous inspiring women- Lilla Rogers- Owner and creator of the amazing "Lilla Rogers Studio" and Margot Tantau, Art Director of CBK Mid-West. the First of all I want to say that this course has been a great vehicle to force me out of my comfort zone. So far we have done - week 1 Metal, Week 2 fabric and week 3 glass. I was a little sceptical about my ability to do the mock-ups. But I have to say I came through having learnt so much!! It pushed my photoshop skills way beyond when I first started. Working with a mood board forced me to think in a colour scheme and a look that I applied to each assignment thus far. I will go in to the process in more depth after week 4. week 1-

Week 2- Fabric

Week 3- glass

100 Day Project

So I challenged my self with this project. Morning meditation followed by creating a piece of art in 2 minutes. I started this on June 18 and will wrap up on October 15. My garden is a perfect location to start on this venture. Watercolour and flowers, shrubbery go hand in hand. I am also instagraming as I go along. The idea is to paint or draw with a spontaneous fluidity, not worryingabout the outcome. Keeping things looking as fresh as possible. So here goes June 18- June 22, here it is.Enjoy and feel free to leave comments!IMG_2460IMG_2476FullSizeRenderIMG_2503IMG_2472IMG_2451