Muslim Women's Day


Broadly VICE magazine commissioned me to illustrate and write a piece for #muslimwomensday. I chose to highlight Samira Khanji’, a true role model for Muslim women because of her progressive values towards Islam. She has successfully challenged the preconceptions of the religion and it’s patriarchal culture. She is the CEO of Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto,a place that welcomes people of different backgrounds and faith, a place where men and women pray side by side. Noor was founded by Ms. Khanji's late father to be a non-sectarian, gender-equal place of Islamic worship, as well as a centre for learning about Islam and Muslim societies for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  An important area of interest for us is the application of Islamic ethical concepts to current contexts, which include capitalist economics, patriarchy and racisms,  militarism, factory farming, and destruction of environment.…/arti…/43bxa3/muslim-artists-women

Samira Khanji.jpg

Fashion Illustrations of globals looks

 My agents at Wild Apple Licensing assigned me to do these fashion illustrations of 4 different cultures. An Indian, Japanese, Chinese and an African woman. The goal is to see that they translate into home decor items namely wall art, stationery, table top and textiles. A fair amount of research went into the project. I made sure that the colors and patterns echoed the countries of origin. I love global culture, so this project was just perfect!

Embellishing and decorating surfaces is what i love to do, so I was in heaven. I created these pieces of art in watercolor and goauche. Adding a bit of gouache gives the watercolor medium a bit more punch so that it looks vibrant and rich, but there is a fine balance because I don’t want to loose the translucent quality of watercolor either. The illustrations are fine and whimsy, my signature look! They are all  on white backgrounds so that they just pop!


100 Day Project 2017

I chose this as a theme because I love tiles and have painted directly on them. My work, especially when I work in watercolour and Inks have a "tile feel". My love for different culture and travel lends itself well for this subject matter. So far I have covered The Middle East, Asia, Mexico, Netherlands and the UK. Much of the patterns are inspired from the places and regions above done in my own style and feel. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

watercolour blue tile painting drawing artwork Farida Zaman

Oh Canada!

I illustrated "Canada" In honour of it's 150th anniversary coming up in 2017! It took me a good few weeks to put it together and feel like it was done! A lot of research went into it and  i feel the palette I chose works well with the energy and flow of the piece echoing the richness  of the the natural beauty we are surrounded by! We are so lucky to be part of this tolerant, peace loving country!

Latest News!!

I have just signed a licensing deal with Andrews + Blaine LTD, a private label and wholesale gift company serving large retail chains in North America for 3 city illustrations of London, Paris and New York. They are slated to be launched in 2017 for Barnes and Nobles across the country.

Many of my city illustrations have been seen on Posters for Transport systems namely Toronto Transit Commission, stationary, Journal covers and tote bags. I also am a contributor for


100 Day Project Part 3 #100dayproject

This week's theme was Women and Style. I love fashion and color and really enjoyed creating these very feminine images. I would love to get in to fashion illustration too!