Hong Kong and Las Vegas!

hongkong LAS VEGAS Hot off the press! Two new cities unveiled. Las Vegas is one city I haven't been too yet, however I think the color, feel and culture come across well in my illustration. Hong Kong is a seriously cool city! I visited many years ago. I hear it's even cooler now. One day I shall make a return trip! It's always fun researching all the elements, as I piece them together to create my art. I learn so much about the city and it's culture.

New York City Illustration


New York City Illustration

This piece feels like "Gotham City'! Quite pleased with it. It took its sweet time. This is the second version of my NYC illustration series. With detailed collages like this there is a lot of back and forth, a lot of gathering of fabric, paper and much more. It's like a knitting a sweater! It was lots of fun to do.

This New York City illustraton is available for purchase on Etsy

New bird floral collection

This collection was created from a surface design that I have done for a shower curtain. I have maintained the hand rendered painterly style that I love doing so much with a combination of photoshop. I don't know what I would do without this software! Now I can apply these designs to a wide selection of surfaces. All I need are the manufacturers to come forward!!zam_-orangebird_birdhouse_beigebackground_01 zam_2birds_birdhouse_beigebackground_04