Round up about Lilla Roger's Home Decor Course

  I am only about 5 weeks late to talk about this wonderful course, run by renowned artist's agent Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau, Art Director extraordinaire of CBK Midwest. Honestly it was the best online course I have ever done. I learnt so much. I also loved the classroom vibe, so open and supportive. The course was intense but exciting, and it was a total honour to be in the midst of such great talent. This course forced me to take some chances that I would normally not have taken. I explored areas of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that were previously "No Go" areas for me before, but now are part of my part of my tool box options. I have learnt the importance of mocking up designs on products and how to do so easily. It was challenging at times, but the end result was hugely satisfying. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to see their artwork on different giftware products.

Week i- Metal Week 2- Fabric, Week 3 Glass, Week 4 Ceramics and Week 5- Wood.