Muslim Women's Day


Broadly VICE magazine commissioned me to illustrate and write a piece for #muslimwomensday. I chose to highlight Samira Khanji’, a true role model for Muslim women because of her progressive values towards Islam. She has successfully challenged the preconceptions of the religion and it’s patriarchal culture. She is the CEO of Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto,a place that welcomes people of different backgrounds and faith, a place where men and women pray side by side. Noor was founded by Ms. Khanji's late father to be a non-sectarian, gender-equal place of Islamic worship, as well as a centre for learning about Islam and Muslim societies for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.  An important area of interest for us is the application of Islamic ethical concepts to current contexts, which include capitalist economics, patriarchy and racisms,  militarism, factory farming, and destruction of environment.…/arti…/43bxa3/muslim-artists-women

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