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Steps to Becoming An Illustrator

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Children’s Book Illustration (Adults)

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Building Your Career as an Illustrator

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INDIVIDUAL Portfolio Assistance

I run workshops in my home and offer portfolio review for high school students who want to apply for undergrad studies in art and design. I also offer assessment, advisory and portfolio organization to start up a freelance career in illustration and design. I strongly advise students to invest at least 2 months worth of portfolio preparation prior to this workshop

Work overview:

  • Study the course requirement.
  • Work on a variety of assignments that cover different mediums and subject matters.
  • Prepare portfolio for presentation.

2 month consultation $350 – Payment due of $175 l for first month with $175 being due the second month. You can also pay in full at the beginning of the consultation. 2 months of consulting will consist of 2 “scheduled” emails a week or one in class session a week with a critique session via Skype or phone.

1 email on Mondays to get you geared up for the week and “assignments” on what to do that week.
1 email on Fridays to check your progress and make sure you reached your goals for the week and get ready for the next week.
We can email back and forth throughout the week with any questions you may have.  

Please contact me for further information and to register.